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MD PM Tincture for Sleep – Extra Strength


Are you constantly wondering how to sleep better? Sleep is one of the most important recovery tools. Make the most of it by adding the plant-based power of our award-winning CBD sleep formula! cbdMD has combined their Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extracts with the snooze-inducing properties of melatonin and calming herbs to create their CBD oil for sleep – available in refreshing mint.  Combined with additional levels of CBN for calming relaxation. Wake up feeling refreshed to take on a new day!

  • Made with Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extracts including CBD, CBG, and CBN
  • 1500mg CBD per bottle (40mg per serving)
  • 300mg CBN per bottle (10mg per serving)
  • 150 mg of Melatonin for sleep per bottle (5mg per serving)
  • Delivered in a wholesome MCT oil base
  • Added Valerian Root, Chamomile, Hops, and other herbs to aid relaxation and promote overall calm
  • Guaranteed vegan and gluten-free

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1000mg, 1500mg


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