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Living Body Lotion


CBD Living’s proprietary Skin Retention Technology allows nutrients to better penetrate the layers of the skin, and stay on the skin longer, for lasting relief.

Unscented lotion is ideal for people with sensitive skin or artificial fragrance allergies. Calming herbs Rosemary, Sage, Chamomile, Germanium, and Frankincense soothe dry skin.

Soothing lavender is mixed with Jasmine, Clove, Lemon and Ylang-Ylang and is perfect for relaxing and unwinding before bed.

Invigorating eucalyptus is combined with Peppermint, Lemongrass, Arnica and Ginger and perfect for starting your day.

Refreshing Coconut, Lime, Juniper Berry, Cucumber and Sea Buckthorn will make your skin feel like it’s on a tropical vacation.

Zenful Bergamot, Cinnamon, Orange, Cedarwood and Fennel will elevate your mood – and the softness of your skin – to a whole new level


8oz, 16oz


Unscented, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Coconut Lime, Amber Bergamot


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